South Korea surrenders to creationist demands

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    The so-called "theory of evolution from the primary replicators to Homo-sapiens-sapiens-super-sapiens" - is, in fact, not science, but religion, tells the story of the miraculous origin of the new evil god – the super-sapiens man. Evil, because each successive generation, the logic of this religion is intended to destroy - to oust the previous generation. This religion imposed on Science and Education of the imperial policies of different countries and colors to create conflict confrontations based on derivatives of this religion – racism and Nazism. Science, however, does not leave these questions unanswered. In the interests of science, it needs to evolve, so all this crap to her imperial – ignored. Here, for example, a different point of view: (site Spacenoology). I personally made ​​a presentation at a conference of creationists in Kiev April 6 this year, which showed that the so-called "theory of evolution from the primary replicators ..." is by no means the only alternative to creationism. The article should go in the proceedings of the conference.

    The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection – this is not evolution. Evolution, according to the logic of current evolutionists – is origin of primitive primary replicator, the development of a sophisticated and highly efficient molecular technology, and then the emergence of this technology, intelligence, and improving it to the level of the mind.


    In other words, at first appears a computer mouse, then this thinking develops into a computer, then from the computer somehow appears the user, who would later become the developer of the computer.
    MM, yes. Still, coelacanth, ihtiostega and the stegocephalus – this stage of ontogeny of one species or a different species? But then the larva of the frog, the frog boy with the front paws and fins, and then adult frog – is also a different species! Interestingly, evolutionists-paleontologists have lied to us that the small species of stegocephalus were larvae of stegocephalus large species. But then the mouse – is the larva of elephant!

    Yes, it's very clever, to declare that the idea of evolution – the only possible scientific alternative to religion and to implement this stuff in science and education! Science can provide another alternative.
    Here's an example. First abiogenically on natural bilipid-membrane originated and developed a natural intelligence, which later created a highly efficient polypeptide-nucleicoacid technology and have equipped it! In this case, the presence in biological super-advanced nano-molecular polypeptide-nucleic technology seems more logical. Interestingly, this alternative does not conflict with religion – they have no real points of intersection!

    In this respect, changing the definition of life. Life – an active model of the observed situation in the structuring lipid membrane of cell, equipped with a polypeptide-nucleic technology. (By the way, so called my report, which did at a conference of creationists in Kiev, and so called Article, which is due out in the proceedings of the conference).



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