Online technology forecasting the exact time, the strength and the epicenter of earthquakes

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    The ability to see where other people see nothing
    Rechkabo Kakuhoningen

    My name is Sophie. We are able to predict earthquakes. Occasionally, people ask, "Do you have a top hat and a lion whip to keep the circus in order?" to which my answers are:
    1) Yes, I do have a top hat, which is decaying and at this point about 50 percent duct tape; and
    2) No, because lion whips are not the most efficient of tools for the task. We have something better with which to tame humans. We call her Miss Peter Elephant.
       Miss Peter Elephant is an exceptionally cute fish. This wee little fish swimming through the aquarium, looks up at the at a person who has a Facebook, and says, «Please click. Earthquake will be in three days. Please click. I'm scared. Earthquake will be in two days. Please click. I'm scared. Earthquake will be one of the day. Your children want to live? - Click»"

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    The predict earthquakes are just part of our work. These are things that are real, though they may at first glance appear to be anything but. They are research in the broadest sense: Someone was trying to do or discover something new. It can be tempting to assume that “improbable” implies more than that—implies bad or good, worthless or valuable, trivial or important. Something improbable can be any of those, or none of them, or all of them, in different ways. Something can be bad in some respects and good in others. Improbable is, simply, what you don't expect. We can also predict tsunamis and volcanic explosions.

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